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Three Olives is your well-connected and premiere consulting agency in Canada.


Every project requires a unique solution and we go above and beyond to offer our modern approach to navigating, identifying and defining your needs to achieve your goals.

Strategic Communications, Branding, Public Relations & Digital Advocacy

Your company deserves to maximize its ability to scale up and evolve with today’s technology. We’ll pave the way for your organization so you can achieve your goals.

Business Development & Troubleshooting

We help you navigate complex business environments and specialize in developing opportunities and plans that
help your organization excel.

Government Relations Advocacy & Stakeholder Engagement

We get you into the back halls of Parliament and into the key meetings with government officials that help move your project forward. Identifying the right opportunities for your business at the right time is critical.


With our extensive network, we connect you with the influencers and elected officials at all levels of government to get you the results your company deserves.

Ivonne Martinez, Government Relations ConsultantPrincipal, Three Olives Consulting
Three Olives

Ivonne is the Principal for Three Olives Consulting and her experience expands over 30 years. Her extensive Government Relations and Communications experience includes working in Canada’s Parliament, at the Alberta and British Columbia Legislatures and years in energy industry.

She’s also spent years working abroad in Dubai and brings a unique international perspective to her work, leading to collaborative and innovative approaches.


What is a Government Relations Consultant?

Government Relations (GR) consultants are often referred to as ‘lobbyists’, but their work is more wide ranging. We use our understanding of the political system to offer political and public policy advice to clients. A company normally hires us to provide a skill set, that they don’t have internally, which provides an in-depth understanding of the day-to-day, inner workings of government, policy development and strategic communications.

What can a Government Relations Consultant do for me?

We keep you abreast of political developments to advise you on the best course of action in an often fast-paced environment. We continue to identify key stakeholders in the decision-making process in national, regional, and local governments while working to maintain relationships to support and promote your ideas and interests.

We help you identify and assist in opportunities to present your interests to the government and key decision-makers through Parliamentary Committee briefs, appearances, written submissions, and specialized outreach programs to orient and educate the government about your company.

Whether it’s pointing you in the right direction, opening the door, or holding the pen, we will leverage decades of experience and connections to make sure there are no missed opportunities to share your advice and analysis at the right time, in the right way.

We normally work on a retainer basis to elevate your ideas and your company to ensure it doesn’t miss an opportunity to promote what you’re most passionate about. We work with you and for you to let the decision-makers know of the incredible company you have worked so hard to build.


I am extremely grateful to be able to work with Three Olives, given their network and willingness to help. Working with them opened the door for me to become my own boss and was pivotal in helping me gain new clients.

Antonio L.Entrepreneur // Business Owner

Ivonne was essential in helping me reach a government representative. Due to the pandemic, this matter was timely and I appreciate her willingness to make my concerns a priority.

Nick L.Business Owner

Three Olives helped my business put together a growth development strategy which has allowed me to expand my business and hire additional employees. Thank you Three Olives!

Ashley O.Office Manager


Are you ready to be connected to influencers and elected officials at all levels of government to get the results your company deserves?

Let’s work together.

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